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We will be listing the available pacers for each pace group as we fill the spots.

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2018 Pacers

Full Marathon

3:15 (7:27/mile) Pacer: TBA

3:20 (7:38/mile) Pacer: TBA

3:25 (7:49/mile) Pacer: TBA

3:30 (8:00/mile) Pacer: TBA

3:35 (8:12/mile) Pacer: TBA

3:40 (8:23/mile) Pacer: David Theriot

3:45 (8:35/mile) Pacer: Dan Schmit

4:00 (9:09/mile) Pacer: Jennifer Castille

4:10 (9:45/mile) Pacer: Andy Ralph

4:30 (10:20/mile) Pacer: TBA

4:40 (10:41/mile) Pacer: Aaron Burros

5:00 (11:27/mile) Pacer: TBA

Half Marathon

1:40 (7:38/mile) Pacer: TBA

1:50 (8:23/mile) Pacer: TBA

2:00 (9:09/mile) Pacer: Jason Kilpatrick

2:10 (9:55/mile) Pacer: Jessica Jones

2:20 (10:41/mile) Pacer: Victor Rocha

2:30 (11:27/mile) Pacer: Kelsey Tomes

3:00 (13:44/mile) Pacer: Paul Barnaby

Race Date March 4th, 2018