2017 Le Courir des Cadiens Medal

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“Le Courir Des Cadiens” or “Running of the Cajuns” is back for the 3rd year in a row! This year’s race series will include the following events:

  • 2016 Tour des Atakapas (October 15th – Festival Acadiens)
  • 2016 Cajun Country Run (December 10th – Acadiana Park)
  • 2017 Zydeco Marathon (March 12th – Downtown Lafayette)

Runners who complete all three races in this order will be awarded a special medal at the Zydeco Marathon Finish Line Festival at Parc International on March 12th.  Anyone wanting to qualify for this special “mega medal” just needs to register for and complete each race in the series. All distances in each race will qualify you!

2017 Le Courir Des Cadiens

We are excited to release the 2017 Le Courir des Cadiens Medal (pictured above).  Register soon to qualify for this medal!

To register for each race in the series go to:

  • www.laTRAIL.org for the 2016 Tour des Atakapas
  • www.cajuncountry.run for the 2016 Cajun Country Run
  • www.zydecomarathon.com for the 2017 Zydeco Marathon & Half

For more information on Le Courir Des Cadiens visit www.zydecomarathon.com or email info@zydecomarathon.com .